This page gives you the opportunity to download all the public reports of the project once submitted.

Public deliverables

D1.1 Project Management Handbook

D1.3 Quality assurance and risk management plan

D1.4 Periodic reports

D1.5 Final report

D3.1 Collaboration & Cooperation Strategy and Activities Report

D3.2 Coordination report with eIDAS Expert Group

D4.1 Issuance and verification legal analysis

D4.2 Onboarding process analysis

D5.1 Business Blueprint

D5.2 Deployment and Testing Scenarios Results Library (DTSRL)

D5.3 Initiatives mapping, documentation, and final report on LSP

D6.1 The Business Blueprint (BBP)

D6.2 The Deployment, Testing and Piloting Scenarios Results Library (DTSRL)

D6.3 The Initiatives mapping and alignment checklist

D7.1 Open Source Architechture

D7.2 IPR Policy

D8.1 Registers of governing authorities, verifiable data / trust / attribute / schema registries, guidelines for ecosystem member enrolment

D8.2 Ecosystem auditing, certification, and sustainability guidelines

D9.1 Dissemination, communication and visibility plan

D9.2 Dissemination final report


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