About DC4EU

DC4EU will contribute to a new paradigm in identity, data, and the once-only principle to enable the citizens’ perspective.

Work Package 7

WP 7 (led by SUNET) covers the construction of an eIDAS complaint toolkit for (Q)EEA providers and its continuous integration with the wallet releases. The main objectives of this work package are the following:

  • Build and distribute a reference open-source implementation for providers and relying parties (issuing and verifying electronic attestations of attributes – EAA, and qualified electronic attestations of attributes – QEAA)
  • Integration of target systems with reference open-source implementation of others in an interoperability lab

The success of the EU digital wallet will depend on freely available and easy to use issuer/verifier implementations. The issuer and verifier will be based on a pluggable architecture that can handle a wide range of signature mechanisms and APIs. We produce an open-source issuer and verifier that presents a standard SIOP2 interface to an relying party which makes it easy to integrate the EU digital wallet in existing IAM ecosystems via a standard OpenID Connect interface.

The interoperability lab will provide a basis for rapid testing of the new EU wallet reference implementation and will also focus on fast deployment and testing of new features as they are made available.

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