Meet the DC4EU Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee will ensure the consistency and coherence of the project with a business-related approach and perspective. The committee develop internal rules and regulations, attend briefings with key partners, facilitates horizontal communications and the development of a community of practice.

DI Dr. Gerd Bauer

Gerd Bauer

DI Dr. Gerd Bauer has extensive expertise in international integration projects for social security that deal with electronic data exchange. He is the program manager for the Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI) in the Federation of Social Security Institutions in Austria. He also holds a position as a member of the Technical Commission for Social Security and a leading expert on data modelling issues in social security coordination. Moreover, he is in charge of the project “Introduction of the EUDI-Wallet for the European Social Security” under the DC4EU program.

Mathias Landeck

Mathias Landeck

Mathias Landeck owns a diploma in physics. At Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, the biggest German pension institution, he is head of the department of “Data Exchange”. This department is responsible for the digital communication between the German pension institutions and different kind of partners within Germany and abroad and that is also supporting the authorities in Germany by providing digital solutions for their tasks. He has a more than 25 years experience in international digitalization projects for social security. One of the projects in this context has been the EESSI (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information). After the agreement of the architecture on EU level his responsibility has been the integration of EESSI in the German pension sector. He is part of the German delegation in the Technical Commission for Social Security at the European Commission.